Empowering individuals to create a holistic lifestyle

Join a curated community of global citizens that excel in many fields and want to live an elite lifestyle through health, wealth, and relationships.

The Good Life Collective is a truly global community that unites people from all walks of life with a strong sense of independent thinking, openness and a growth mindset as a common denominator.

We embrace these values:

  1. Open-mindedness: We approach life with curiosity, fostering growth through new experiences.
  2. Drive: We pursue excellence with determination, striving for success in our chosen fields.
  3. Holistic well-being: We prioritize physical, mental, and emotional health to achieve balance.
  4. Strong relationships: We nurture meaningful connections, fostering support and belonging.
  5. Exploration: Our adventurous spirit leads us to discover the world, expanding our perspectives.


Welcome to the good life.


Jean Galea


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Member Testimonials

Hear from members of our community in their own words.

I've been a member of the Good Life Collective for a while now, and I can say with confidence that it's one of the best online communities I've ever been a part of.

The high signal-to-noise ratio, diverse topics and views make it rewarding and engaging. The dialogue is always respectful, even when participants are diametrically opposed.

The group attracts bright people who bring new ideas and ways of thinking to the table, making it almost a no-brainer to come back and participate.
Anton Tokar
GLC Member
Life, post-pandemic, is moving faster than a flash flood. Sharing thoughts privately, with a peer group of carefully selected high achievers, exposes me to breaking concepts and fresh perspectives daily.

The GLC informs my decisions, anchors my wilder thoughts, puts a rocket under my better ideas, and spurs me to keep striving for “The Good Life” in business, fitness, travel, creativity, investing, relationships, mental health, and personal wisdom.

Day-to-day, my participation can be minimal but, over time, the benefit is significant. The GLC plays a unique role. I know exactly where to go to quickly catch up on the latest developments or to receive battle-tested advice when processing tough challenges.
Donnacha MacGloinn
GLC Member
The GLC brings me incredible value! In a world with infinite information and self serving individuals, GLC is the perfect answer.

The highly intelligent members from different backgrounds are keen to share insights and help me with specific questions. Jean is a great moderator and ensures the group is engaged and highly curated.

The GLC Telegram chat is my favorite daily habit to stay ahead of the latest trends. The optional IRL meetings are the icing on the cake!
Ruud Raaijimakers
GLC Member

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